ODD, Efficient, and Successful

Esther Julianne McDaniel

is an author, speaker, and coach who guides others to Overcome Disabilities and Dysfunctions, Develop their potential, and Uphold equality, equity, and Human Rights so they can triumph over ruins, put joy in their lives, and be Efficiently ODD

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Develop your potential. 

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ODD Efficient Successful

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Create Restoration Using Energy and Action to Tiumph Over Ruin

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Restore what is Broken Among us.

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Purpose. Unity. Support.

Restore what is Broken Among Us.

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Equality. Inclusion.

We are Efficiently ODD.  Where people accept their uniqueness and triumph over ruin. 

We create solutions to overcome disabilities and dysfunctions, teach how to turn dysfunction into function, and guide others through restoration.

We believe everyone is worthy of equality, inclusion, and human rights.

Because we work at the core issues of dysfunction and replace what does not work with what does, we influence others to live happier, healthier lives and to live in harmony with others.

This impacts the world we live in for a better future, and enables us to be efficient, successful, and Efficiently ODD.


practical advice

Efficiently ODD

A place of acceptance and change.


Learn what it is, how to overcome, or how to help someone with one.


Tips and tricks to help you or someone you love overcome.


Learn what it is, how to overcome, or how to help someone with one.